Pastor’s Page

August 26, 2014

School’s Back – school buses and crossing guards, and children with backpacks – all of these things are an evidence of a new season that has arrived.  Are you ready for the new season?  Change is inevitable – seasons come and seasons go – so like it or not here we go into the fall.  As I was reflecting on the challenges of my life and the Lord’s work and felt the Spirit of the Lord speak to me about changes that I need to make – let me share with you what I felt the Lord was saying to me.

The word that I felt drawn to is found in 1 Corinthians 5:17 ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.’

  • “If anyone”  - the invitation is for everyone who will follow and change to be more like Jesus Christ.
  • In Christ – The difference between the way that you change as a believer and how a person without faith is the power of being “in Christ” as opposed to “in the flesh” or “indifferent” – Change is possible because Jesus makes us change agents as “salt and light” in the world.  You are an important part of God’s plan and being “with Christ” is essential to make the right changes.
  • “A new creation”  – Father God is creative and His hand on our life creates new opportunities to lead us into green pastures and beside still waters.
  • Old things have passed away – One of the key to changes is to be able to let the old things pass away – we all like to hold on to the familiar which hinders our ability to embrace the creative purposes that Father God is revealing in our now.  Usually change offends us – it has been said that God offends the mind to reveal the heart.  If you are offended by something that is going on or what someone has said to you – ask the question, “why am I offended?”  Often it will reveal a heart condition that needs to be let go so that you can move on.
  • Behold all things have become new.

Revelation 21 reveals that Jesus is the one who makes all things new – and allowing “all things – not just some things but everything in our life can become fresh and new as we yield our lives up to God’s purposes.

May the Lord grant you the ability to make the changes necessary in this season of your life, and watch out for students who are going to fill the streets, and when you see you something that is school related say a word of prayer that they will find God’s direction for their lives.

Pastor Larry