Pastor’s Page

March 24, 2015

Spring is here and so is the Celebration of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday in the next two weeks. I hope that you can join us for the most holiest days of the year. I feel that life of Jesus springing up every where I look people are being touched by the Lord – and all week long it was taking place from the outreaches to the Craft Show, and Sunday – God is working powerfully – I can’t wait for you to hear some of the healing testimonies. I was at Teen Challenge last night and one of the students (Neil) gave me a big hug and said thanks, and I said for what, and he said he told his mother about the Healing Rooms and she came down and received prayer and was immediately physically healed – He said it has lifted her spirit and that was the real miracle that she did – to God be the Glory!

Sunday I shared about Authority of the Believer and the Danger of Authority that is not in walking in a submitted relationship with Jesus:
Authority without Accountability: Authority that is not accountable to anyone, doesn’t understand how God’s authority works. King David had an amazing understanding of God’s delegated authority in how he dealt with King Saul. Be careful of those who say , “I don’t have to listen to anyone”, or “God told me therefore it doesn’t matter what anyone else says”.
Authority without Responsibility: Every believer has been given authority and that requires action – every believer has a responsibility to do God’s will. To claim that you are a Christian and exempt yourself from actively engaging in kingdom work does not understand God’s authority. Faith without works is dead.
Authority without Integrity: One of Satan’s greatest tools is hypocritical authority that says, “Do what I say not what I do.” Our greatest testimony is that we are keeping our faith real, and our greatest failure would be to act like it is real when God knows it is not.
Authority without commitment: Walking in God’s authority takes commitment, and primarily relational connection more than a task – God has called us to love and love is a verb – an action that is directed toward others – a commitment even when things go wrong – most authority is needed 99% of the time – it is that 1% of the time that the commitment makes all the sense in the world.
Authority without Wisdom: Wisdom is a primary thing for those who want to walk in the authority of Jesus. The disciples displayed many times that you can be called by Jesus to be His disciple without having wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to apply God’s authority in the right time, with the right heart, in the right way. I have seen people who are in authority that were not wise and it ended up putting a black eye on Jesus, and a cause for others to walk away from the Lord.

God has called me to pastor and I have been learning how to walk in that calling the last 32 years of my life, and I believe the revelation of God’s delegated authority to be one of the keys to living a life for Christ that matters.

May each of us humbly walk in the authority that Christ has given us so God’s kingdom would come and His will done.